Please fill out this survey!Okay, this site has just been started, and I need a survey to see what everyone wants. So please fill this out. Remember, you don't have to fill everything out.  Please fill out this survey!


1.Would you like to see a no-frames version of this site? Yes     No

2.What kind of pages would you like on OUBNSFFW?  Modeling Photo Gallery
Other (please specify)

3.Do you like the chat?  Yes  No

4.Would you like a newsletter? Yes  No  I don't really care

5.Have you visited any other of my sites (Trains"is"us, Unofficial BNSF Site)? Yes  No

6.Do you have a BNSF model railroad? Yes  No

7.Do you have a non-BNSF model railroad?  Yes  No

8.If you have a model railroad(s), what scale(s)? Z N HO O G Other

9.Do you work for BNSF? Yes  No

10.Do you have a train related site? Yes No
If yes, what is the URL? Would you like me to put it in links?

11.Type in your E-mail address if you would like to become part of OUBNSFFW Friends. (I do not give out names to spammers, you have my confidentiality)

12.What is your age in years?

13.Would you like to see a page on trains with other hobbies (like the ones below)? Yes No

14.What are your other hobbies? (this is to help me know about you to see what else I can include)
computers crafts wood & metal working reading TV & movies traveling other

15.Do you think you could help out with this site by publicitizing it or something? YES  no

16.How did you first find out about this site?  

17.How often do you visit this site?

18.Overall, what would you give this site on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best?

19.Will you contribute? You better say yes.  YES  no

20.Do you think this site looks strange because of the messed up text and stuff? Yes  No

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